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< ol > "start attribute issue

Well, I completed conversion of my manuscript to ePub format. We are targeting the iPad for our first foray in to electronic books. I ran through epubcheck (1.0.5) and fixed a few minor problems. However, I am using numbered lists for footnotes - which I am putting at the bottom of each page. I thought using <ol start="x"> (where x= the first footnote number on that page) should work. It runs fine on the iPad. However, the validator generates an error saying "attribute "start" not allowed at this point; ignored.

Rather than hardcoding the numbers for the footnotes, is there a way to deal with this? I liked using <ol> since I get the correct wrapping behavior for long lines of footnote text. I had been using custom style code to do the same but it required quite a few lines of code to do what <ol> does succinctly.

I am also using this tag and attribute to create step numbers (this is a how to book on building fly fishing reels). It would be very painful to have to hard code those step numbers.

Apparently, the "start" attribute is deprecated but there is no suitable style defined to replace it.


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