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Best for academic pdfs?


I'm doing a PhD in the biosciences, and I've been having huge problems with all the reading I need to do on a computer screen (headaches, mainly) from downloaded journal articles. My solution to this up until now has been to print them off, but after a couple of months of this the pile of paper is just unmanageable, so an eReader seems like the ideal solution.

My perfect e-reader would have:

1) some kind of document management system (a reference manager would be perfect, but I suspect somewhat unlikely!).

2) big enough to read pdfs comfortably (I'm thinking probably around the 8-9" mark).

3) available in the UK, preferably in some actual shop so I could go and have a play with it before I hand over my money.

4) e-ink or something similar.

5) wireless transfer from my pc to the device? Not sure if this is generally around.

I'm not super fussed about what ebook shop it would be linked to - I would want to use it to read fiction (specially for long trips), but it's not really a deciding factor. Note taking would be great too, but not a dealbreaker.

Is there anything around that fits the bill? I was interested in the asus DR900/950, but I'm not sure what became of it.

Thanks all
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