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You can't see INTERNAL storage on your PC if you Do Not use USB.

BTW you don't "flash" the book storage. That only applies to the internal O/S area
That's right theDucks, but, what i meant was that lbook firmware can't connect to my mac via USB, hence I can't see internal memory files of course, but I also have a PC where the device shows the files stored in there just fine.

The thing is, they don't show in the bookshelf menu on the device when i change from SD to built-in storage.

And by "flashing" the internal memory i meant formatting it n_n perhaps i'm not being very clear at all, sorry 'bout that, my english is proven to be sloppy at best =)

oh and it doesn't matter if i copy files using the files manager of the lbook FW, they still wont show when i swap memory storage devices.:S

My Pocket PRO sits in my bag for weeks at time in the "on" position without any loss of power.
Ohh even though it is a shame that the device doesn't have an internal clock battery, it's good to know that i can leave it on for a long period of time (i still have to reboot it when i flash it :/), thanks robertb!

oh! and do you have any ideas regarding my internal memory problem?
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