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Cool Trick

Not Really... Well lets say I need to turn a page. Press the pad and wait a torturous few seconds. Mostly all is well with the world, unless I need to turn lots of pages and the poorly coded ebook has no TOC. What I do in this unfortunate case is to click the direction pad madly without waiting for the page to refresh. When the page does finally refresh I find that many pages have been! It's just like when my ex used to accuse me of double clicking the tv remote. Now what once was a character flaw is serving me well! While it isn't a good thing to be true, it is however a lot like having a VCR with the fast forward broken, only to find out that you can fast forward by madly clicking the play button like an idiot. If there is a better way to do this I'd like to know, but the manual says nothing about even this brilliant technique.
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