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Charging Issues and Screen Issues


First post here regarding my prs 600. Was happily reading it the other day, put it down for a few minutes (in stand by mode) picked it up again and then nothing. The screen had gone blank. Tried to reset it and nothing happened apart from lines appeared on the screen. Tried plugging it back into the pc in case it was a charging issue and that had no joy - no red light and no pc connectivity with it. After reading posts on this forum I went out and bought a mains psp charger to charge it with in case it was a power issue. The red light came on for a few hours and then went out however the blank screen issue remains (with the occasional lines appearing).

Having spent ages now playing around with it I have managed to find out that it is kind of working when plugged into the charger - there is touch screen usage but the screen is completely corrupted. I can press things as I know where they are on the screen and they are being selected - however because of the corrupted screen I can't actually read anything. This all works when the charger is plugged in - soon as I unplug the charger the reader dies and I get nothing - however when the charger is plugged in there is no charging light showing - so it appears that whilst it is showing that it is fully charged up (by the red light not lighting up) it isn't actually holding the charge.

Anybody had similar issues? Any ideas on what to do. For your info I have tried a hard reset - that doesn't solve the issues. Screen is still corrupted and it all only works when plugged into the mains charger.

Look forward to your suggestions.

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