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Dear Delta Tango, or other users of Onyx Boox 60

I really cannot decide wether to buy or not. I just doubt wether it is worth to pay extra for the web browser. I went to the shop which has one for presentation - when I entered wikipedia the page loaded so slowly, it appeared within say 3-5s (that would be ok) but the device still did something and was flashing % at the bottom, I could not move the page because the device seemed to be busy... for about 20s I guess, I do not remember but it was really long.

I put away the idea of buying this device but I came to another idea of how to use it. I have oraily online books subscription I read help and they support ereaders, unfortunately they do not list Onyx boox 60, just Kindle, etc. I am concerned wether the boox support ssl browsing i.e. https://... It seems that oraily is served only via ssl pages and may it be that this list out boox 60. I have sent that question to oraily but still waiting for answer...

The $ is going more and more expensive against my currency last days so I became worried about the final price. Can you share your thoughts about web browsing?
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