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Very well done ATDrake, really good advise.
Originally Posted by ATDrake View Post
1. Yes, the price you see on Amazon is the full price of the book; the only extra you will have to pay are any applicable taxes, such as GST or VAT. However, many of the non-free books have the Whispernet surcharge included in the price, so you will often see books in the Australian Kindle store appear to cost $2 more than the same title in the US Kindle store.
I don't know if getting the costs for whispernet delivery outside the US over the price is really the politic behind their non-US prices. It's true, there appear to be different prices for most ebooks on in and outside the US and they were and are usually higher outside, but the $2 Whispernet surcharge for international wireless delivery was still extra up until a few days ago.

Originally Posted by ATDrake View Post
2. ...Possibly the best way for both you and your dad to use your Kindle, but keep your purchases separate, is for your dad to buy Kindle books on his own account, and you to buy them on yours. Amazon lets you share books between family and friends' accounts, so if there's a particular title both you and your dad want to read, you don't have to buy it more than once; only change the Kindle device registration and re-download the books as appropriate.

You can de-register and re-register the Kindle to each account in turn to switch between them; the books are all DRM-coded for a particular device serial number, not for a particular account, so you can have books that were bought under your dad's account still work on your Kindle even when it is currently registered to your account, and vice versa.
That's possible and a really cool way to share books, but keep in mind that the Kindles have also access to the payment possibilities of the registered account and your books won't be synchronized when your Kindle is registered to your dad's account.

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