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Seeking developer to revolutionize reading

Hello ! (sorry for my poor english)

I'm learning fast reading because I would like read one book each 1 or 2 days, now I can read one 300 pages book in 4 hours, but its still difficult.

I just found an amazing program : WordFlashReader, you can download it here : or sources here :

This program show words very quickly, you cannot read them one letter by one letter : you flash them and your brain record them, so you can read faster.

It's just a training program but I think it could be a reading program ! You can read without effort, without too much concentration, you don't have to move your eyes, and your understanding of the book is still excellent (even better).

To read a text you have to paste it in the program, but it could be amazing if someone could adapt the code for the kindle, for reading ebooks in no time.

I give my eternal gratitude to the guy who can do that, really this program can change life.

Thanks for your attention
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