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How can I authorize 2 "devices" in ADE with my Pocket Pro?

Hello everyone.

I had to return my Pocket Pro because of paint damage. I received my new PP and all is good. I just realized today that I had to authorize the new PP with ADE so that worked out well.

But I could have sworn I also had my SD card authorized when I used it on the old PP. I put all my books on the SD card and (unless I'm going batty) I think I used to just put the SD card in my computer and download ebooks directly to it instead of hooking up the PP to the computer. Does this make sense? Now ADE won't let me download to the SD card.

Anyway, is there a way I can also "authorize" the SD card with ADE so I don't have to plug in my PP when I want to download ebooks?

Also another quick question - do I HAVE to use ADE on DRM pdf and epubs? I don't like it at all - too confusing and cumbersome. Can I just download a DRM ebook and transfer straight to the PP or SD card and bypass ADE?

Thanks in advance for all the help.

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