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considering your location and current eink technology, you can only use wifi devices for web browsing.

among the 8+" devices, there's the Iliad and Entourage Edge. one big difference though, in comparison to other devices is the battery life which lasts only about ~15hrs per charge. the Edge is more of a netbook with screensize comparable to Kindle DX, so not very portable but it has a webcam, and able to run medias linked in PDFs.

6" devices are more popular these days. wifi capable eink devices which are already available now are:
- Alex Spring Design (dual screen, LCD at the bottom, and with a bit of work, you can install apps from Android Marketplace)
- B&N Nook (outsold Kindle recently)
- Bebook Neo/Onyx Boox (touchscreen interface, has several apps)
- Bi Sheng 600TW (capable of making phone calls and txt, T9 keyboard input, text to speech, 60000 page turns on a single charge)
- Pocketbook 302 (touchscreen interface, has several apps, USB host to plug in a keyboard or a light)
- Samsung E60

From what I gather from the forums, the web browsing experience on an e-ink device generally isn't good (at least with the current firmwares) probably due to the slow processor, limited memory and slow refresh. if you use it for light browsing, then it's ok.

they are all capable of playing music. you are able to highlight and annotate on all except Bi Sheng, but 302, Neo and E60 supports freehand annotation. Bi Sheng only supports bookmarks. screen clarity wise, it doesn't make much difference on the devices mentioned above. Alex can play videos on the LCD. some ereaders searches the dictionary when you move the cursor over a word.

you also need to consider the file formats supported (although you can convert from almost anything these days), and if the bookstore it links to has a selection of book suitable for you.

i'm not doing justice with such a brief description but now you can narrow down your choices further based on further criterias.

p.s i'm not familiar with the 5" devices

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