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Originally Posted by thekidintheclock View Post
hi, everybody. i'm not a kobo owner yet - but i've been following the news from canada and reading all the reactions.

here's a (windows) tool for fixing epub files up for the kobo - many at once. make sure you run this on copies of your ebooks - it overwrites each file with the fixed up epub.

i also have the same thing for fixing up things one at a time - in case the one above has some bugs i don't know about.

if you leave the checkbox unticked, the tool will keep the css files - but it'll remove the 'font-size' entries that seem to be causing problems on the kobo. if that doesn't work, try fixing the epub again with the checkbox turned on - this will remove the css entirely.

anyways, thought this might help. off you go.
Thanks so much for Kobo bulk epub fixer; addressed font issue while maintaining format. A great alternative to deleting complete CSS stylesheet. Thanks, Cynfully
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