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Help with selection

I am looking for a good ebook reader, however my requirements are not typical.

I subscribe to several online sites that release news, articles, and documents in PDF format. (Example, Economist, Janes, financial white papers, etc.)

I have been downloading them and printing them (in some cases 100+ pages). Then storying them in a file cabinet.

I have been looking for a good ebook reader, in order to read these documents, but I find a common issue, that I am not familar with on how to resolve.

It seems that many (if not all) ebook readers have problem with PDFs.


1. Is there one Ebook reader that is better than others that handles PDFs?

2. Is there a simple method for converting PDFs to a format that is easy to view and read on Ebook readers.

3. I heard another generation is coming out. Is it wise to wait or purhcasing one now.

4. The iliad is 8 in, vs the 6 in Sony and Cybook. Is the 8in that much of a difference.

5. How well do these ebooks travel? Are they fragile? Can I toss it into a briefcase with out fear of it breaking (rattling around).

6. Can you read them outside in the sun?

7. I see that you can write on the ilaid with a stylist, can you do that with the Sony or Cybook?

Thanks...I know many of these seem very newbie and I have done some limited research, but if anyone has suggestions, comments, or thoughts - it would be most welcomed.
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