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Originally Posted by dzcowart View Post
Hi All, I think this is the correct place to suggest this.

Instead of the "Last Book Read" on the home screen of the PRS-600, have a select of the Last # of Books Read. Where # could be 1, to preseve the current functionality or some other number to allow the reader to bounce around.
In seminary last semester, I tried using my PRS-600 (which I really like) as a study aid. The problem I ran into was that cross referencing materials was difficult because there was no easy way to jump between 3 or more books. I got around it somewhat by grouping the books, but that still involved some menu jumping. Also, the groupings could only be done outside the reader itself (in Calibre).
Cross book searching would be another great feature, but keeping track of the books recently accessed would seem like an easier feature to implement.

Thanks all, --Donald
I created a "Collection", named it "Current Read", and keep the book(s) I am currently reading there. Easy to find, especially if I've just opened a book after loading. Saves me the trouble of looking through the entire library.
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