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Sync Not Working (Borders Desktop App)


Having lost my page in the .ePub file I'm reading for the 4th time (the Kobo doesn't seem to remember pages for some .ePub books) I decided to buy one through the Border desktop application and transfer it to my Kobo. I can read the book fine on the desktop app and when I hit 'Sync' is goes through a transfer process and, supposedly, modifies the SQLite file on the Kobo in some way. However, once I disconnect the Kobo I discover that the new book is not on it.

If I plug it back in and hit 'Sync' it once again claims to be transferring the same book. I can click 'Sync' all day and go through the same process, but the book is never there.

I just want to read a book I bought form Borders using the Borders Desktop App that was included with my Kobo that I also bought from Borders. I don't understand what the problem is.

Does anybody have any thoughts?

I have already tried resetting the device, both with the button and with the software option.
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