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I just got a Kobo. My desktop is 64-bit Fedora 11 but I expect to switch to Fedora 13 soon. I won't bother to ask for a Kobo Desktop for my system until I've updated.

What would a Kobo Desktop do for me? Just allow me to purchase ebooks from the Kobo site? Would it let me deal with Adobe Digital Editions DRM (such as used by the Toronto Public Library)?

So far the only ebooks that I've purchased have been from O'Reilly and hence DRM-free. I've loaded them onto my Kobo without any special tool: just treating it as a USB Mass Storage device.

In the Fedora world, i386 packages work fine in an x86-64 system so only the 32-bit version would be needed.

I didn't notice the Linux kernel listed in the extensive "about" screens. Boy, the LGPL and GPL licenses look long on the Kobo.

I didn't see any offer for the sources that must be released. Did I miss something?
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