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Thank You MobileRead!!

I am sooo very excited to hear that I am one of the winners! I had been following the story and got so caught up in the all excitement I decided to enter, but I never expected to actually win anything.

Thank you so very much Alex, the MobileRead Team, pyshrynk, and Astak. It is a fabulous community and I have learned a lot about ebook readers from the talented contributors to this forum. You also have many very imaginative and creative contributors as evidenced by the discussion thread!

I really had no clue who committed the crime with the crowbar and made a wild guess in the end. Here is what I submitted...


Well, either PilotBob or mtravellerh were lying. Was MTH busy looking for trolls or dusting display cases when the murder took place? Other mods claim they were both there -- but I can't see the motive. Perhaps pshrynk was trolling on the new Nook forum and mtravellerh took offence. Or perhaps pshrynk offended PilotBob. So maybe PilotBob murdered pshrynk and framed MTH. Arrrgh, I don't know!! I'm no good at these things.

To be honest, I think Ravanne has the best motive -- she seems exceptionally worried about someone stealing the contest readers and pshrynk was trying to liberate one with a crowbar, but she doesn't seem to have been anywhere near the crime scene.

Okay, I give up, I'm going to have to take a guess -- I think it was mtravellerh, I hope!

** My thanks to pshrynk for the excellent story. I have greatly enjoyed reading it.
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