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i'm needing some help. i am trying to convert a .rb file using book designer. I imported the file but i get something that looks like this:

Rain pounded the windshield with ferocity, causing the windshield wipers to fly across the glass, etching a thick path in the cascading water. It was a humid, August evening and the monsoon storm was flexing it's muscles with heavy rain and wind. Twenty- six-year-old Rachel Owen cursed as she pulled her BMW into a scarce parking plac rythe caslo paothe cadasferss,h the witimeith hebright grn twnumbs tagaand noyg plremd. BM myr BMtarng ess.>Fe "Damin t." S witurn thoffhe wiennatand nead ch tharndedyr BMse follher paumbly la. "If hami the iflexight I' fiver enllhgivmonyself." S wid mexter actnty- indvmoninuteto flg cruheck th and wiothe caac nythe caorm wad mturn tha nm wal acthir- ininute drdvmo fle caairport,nto a sn ughr drdvmcausing thchel O muanxie- i a soa ItS wiunt Rafe Owr pabloodoundedg it'nyr BMteletesnd wieletncedwitelyaoriffhfrom grippg the wisteerg wathe Owwhile

I have the BD 5 with the latest book cleaner 1.8. Can some one help me?
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