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Basically, you use the parse_index method when you want to control the title, description and/or date on that page, and already know the URL. A common use is when you can't parse an RSS feed automatically, and have to parse a web page to get the URL. However, I've never actually used it for that. Instead, I use it when I can figure out the URL in advance, because it's simple and there is no page or RSS feed. (I believe I used it for several comics recipes to pull the previous comics). Those recipes should be in this thread somewhere under my name.
I have the correct link, but no the title; so, i must override the title tag (that is null) with the correct title, obtained from the downloaded article.
I'll try;
my next step is to create a recipe that fetch from site with complete pdf newspaper to merge the real newspaper (in pdf) and the html version on the site.

Now i have in beta test () 3 or 4 recipe on blog about hardware/software and android.

as soon as possible...
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