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Originally Posted by GregorRichards View Post
Got myself a fancy new DR800SG, and there was no terminal emulator on it! Heck, I couldn't even find one on the forums (not that I tried very hard). The iLiad port of mrxvt didn't work for me, probably because it depends on iLiad-specific libraries.

So I made a quick (very quick) port of rxvt. Also in the box is erkeyman, a little command to show or hide the onscreen keyboard; I found it necessary when the program being run refuses to get rid of the onscreen keyboard itself (in spite of my putting it in atexit ... )

If I missed the already-ported one, I'd appreciate a ref to it ... it'd also be nice if it was listed on the wiki, which I will link to here now.

Just extract to the card and run rxvt.desktop.

EDIT 2010-04-23: Later the same day, updated to do full refreshes less often.
After I unzip rxvt on my SD card and later after reseting clicked on the icon rxvt.desktop I get only the answer 'The desktop app. cannot be opened.Possible the app. is already open. Close it first and try again'.
Hopping you can suggest me what to do now. I already downloaded Firmware 2 on my DR800S.
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