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/* setup socket for display management (implicitly called by functions below) */
void display_init();

/* close socket for display management */
void display_finialize();

/* take control of display updates, stop automatic GTK+ updates */
void display_gain_control();

/* yield control, resume automatic GTK+ updates */
void display_return_control();

/* force display update and yield control */
void display_update_return_control(gint type);

/* force display update and keep control */
void display_update_keep_control(gint type);

/* block all display updates (both forced and automatic), expect for splash hints */
void display_splash_lock();

/* force display update to show splash screen */
void display_update_keep_splash_lock();

/* unblock display updates, resume forced/automatic updates */
void display_splash_unlock();
Hope that helps a bit.
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