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Txt files - Convert to Epub - Multiple files into one book - noob help


I'm a noob with all the ebook stuff. I'm looking at the latest readers, but I haven't decided on one at this time. The Alex and Skiff both look really great. In the meantime currently using Aldiko on my HTC Hero. I find it perfect for most of my needs.

Now to the part where I need some guidance. Aldiko only reads the epub format. A friend sent me a book in txt format. The files came in one folder. There is an xml file along with 12 txt files, one for each chapter. I found Calibre when searching online, and I didn't see anything in FAQ to help with this particular question.

I know where to move the files on my SD card for Aldiko, but I'm a little lost with the rest.

I tried importing all the text files into calibre, but it treated them as 12 individual books instead of one. I'm assuming the xml file probably has some chapter/formating options in it. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.

Thank you
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