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I got the 2.5 update on my K2i on Friday. When I looked at my Kindle and saw that it was updating, I nearly broke my face grinning. Boy, was I ever excited! Collections! Zooming! Social media! zOMG!

By the time I'd finished my tea it had rebooted and I started playing with it... and, um, yeah. Not so awesome.

The Collections feature isn't a feature. It's awkward to add books to a collection and it doesn't accomplish anything when you do. Sure, I now have a folder called "Sci-fi," but it's seven pages deep on the Home page. How is it a feature, clicking seven times to get to a folder I then have to page through to find the book I want?

I'd prefer it if adding an item to a Collection would remove it from the home page, thank you very much. [Update: I stand corrected. This feature does work if you select to sort by Collections.]

Twitter and Facebook. I am a social media junkie. I tweet all the time, and I check FB at least daily. I was excited about the social networking, to say the least.

Sending an item from the Kindle to Twitter results in a tweet that looks like this. Not very awesome. You have to click through to see the quote. I didn't bother trying the FB post.

The website. Okay, I have to admit that is kinda cute. But what does it do? I mean, really? I logged in and classified all my books into reading, read, to read, and quit reading. And... now what? I have virtually no reason to ever visit the site again.

Zooming. Handy for viewing images, but if you have a very dense PDF full of text it won't help with that.

Password protection. Love it! I was traveling over the weekend and passworded my Kindle in case it was lost or stolen.

Popular highlights. This feature is activated, but it hasn't done anything yet as far as I can tell.

Font sizes. Are there now more HUGE fonts? Not useful to me, really.

If there are any other features, I haven't noticed them.

Over all, this update has brought the Kindle into 2010, sure, but while I approve of the ideas I feel that the implementation still needs a little tweaking.

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