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Looking for reader that has e-ink screen

(Oops -- I meant to expand the title of this post to include the other details, like HTML and PDF support, only to find out that I can't edit it! Apologies, then, for the very silly title -- I assure you, I do know that most readers have e-ink screens now!)

Hey all,

I'd pretty much convinced myself to get a Kindle 2 (now that it's down to $259) but then I discovered this forum and thought I'd ask the experts for feedback!

I'm looking for a cheapish e-reader that can handle books in the following formats:

PDF (documents converted to PDF from Microsoft Word - I'm a student and we circulate our papers for critiques in PDF format!)
...and, ideally, E-PUB (library books - this right here is the drawback with the Kindle)

I want e-ink because I spend a huge amount of every day in front of the computer so it's important that the e-reader not put a strain on my eyes. I was leaning toward the Kindle 2 because everyone says the display is so nice -- and of course the prices on new fiction are best through Amazon. However, if there's another reader out there with an equally good display, that also handles HTML and PDF (plain text) better for the same (or lesser) price, that would probably sway me.

Thanks in advance for any advice you've got!
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