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I am not insulting you at all, like I said more than once, I agree with you. I just find it surprising how a person who goes on to criticize the current education system and how reading is taught can't even understand a simple post. I guess I'm going to have to post a 300 word response with a lot of philosophizing and thinly concealed insults and straw mans to make it up to you.

First of all if you read my initial post
So people who don't need a dictionary, I'm assuming you know the meaning of every word in the English language?
Now lets break it down shall we. That response was posted after some people said the dictionary was a completely useless feature just thrown in their, that somehow added to the price. Nowhere in my entire post do I advocate anti intellectualism or deride those who have over 9000 words in their vocabulary. It simply stated, a; that the dictionary function was great for people who read in more than one languages, and b; for people reading challenging books in fields they might not be familiar with.

You seem to think anyone who does not have an ubber large vocabulary is a decadent who should be ashamed to admit it on a public forum. And I'll say it again, I'm not somehow advocating anti intellectualism, on the contrary I want to learn that is why I think the dictionary is a great feature. I'm all for people like you who have a massive vocabulary, I just hope you use it to say something worthwhile and meaningful instead of distorting other peoples' views only to show off your imaginary intellectual superiority.

Have a great day.
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