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Customize Calibre Navbars

My enthusiasm for Calibre is perhaps preventing me from concentrating sufficiently to extract from the Calibre manual or fora an answer to my question:

How can the HTML for the Calibre navbars (e.g., "Previous | Up one Level | Next") be customized?

I realize that I can use CSS to remove or style the navbar, but I would like to make more fundamental changes. I use the Calibre command line to fetch news from the Web and convert it to HTML using Recipe Input to OEB Output, so I do not have a static HTML source file to modify.

For instance, I would like to add navbars to the top and bottom of the level 1 TOC page that includes an "Up one Level" link to "../index.html" (a "master" index of the index files on the next lower level of the tree). Another idea would be to create a breadcrumb navigation bar that appears on every page throughout.

Would this functionality require creating a mod of the python plugin for generating HTML? If so, what is the file name of this plugin's source? If not, and the solution is much easier, please forgive my enthusiasm!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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