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Kindle or Sony or Nook

I'm looking to jump into the e-reading world. I've looked at the Kindle, Nook and any small sony e-reader.

Mainly I'll be using it for pdf ebooks(screenplays etc) and some normal ebooks. What I want out of it is ease of use and good battery life and portability-something small and light. The sony ereaders have sony software something of which I was never really a fan.

Can you connect them to a mac and use them just as USB drives? How do I transfer pdf to Kindle or Nook? Do I have to pay extra to use the wireless technology on either one?

I'll also be in Europe mostly so something intl. compatible would be great although I've read you can use a VPN?

If I'm in say Germany and I buy a book with the Kindle do I pay in US Dollars or in Euros? Does the price change depending on where I am?
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