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Syncing and "I'm Reading" Issue

Hi everyone,

I'm new here but have been lurking for quite a while! I decided to join since I've taken the plunge and purchased a Kobo. I'm really enjoying it so far, but I've got one issue.

I finished my first book (purchased from the Kobo store) a couple days ago and it left my "I'm Reading" page and returned to my Library ("Finished"). Then, when I plugged the reader in to Sync, it re-synced the completed book. On unplugging, I discovered my finished book was back on the "I'm Reading" page, listed as NEW and unread.

I emailed Kobo about this, because it's kind of annoying. Not only is it time-consuming when syncing (which is already a slow process), but it's going to clutter up my "I'm Reading" list.

Kobo's response was, basically, that I have to move finished books to the "Deleted" folder on the website. They said the book can stay there for 30 days without disappearing and can be moved back out of the folder anytime before that; after this it disappears. They said this is the only way to avoid this situation. I don't really find this to be a solution, because I paid for the books and don't want them deleted - but I don't want to keep re-syncing and having them returned to the reader as new.

What I'm wondering is - if I download the epub versions of these books (so far I've only purchased from the Kobo store) and store them in ADE, can I manage this better? Again, I haven't done much more than download ADE because I was using the Kobo desktop program, so I don't really know what's possible. But, theoretically, could I manually move epub files between ADE and the reader? Storing the epubs on my computer once I'm done reading them?


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