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How long before books are sold DRM-free?

You know, I only started buying music from iTunes the moment it turned DRM-free....

I feel if Kindle were the only game in town as far as major bookstore, it would have stayed DRM forever. The reason Apple was able to push for DRM-free in music sucessfully is that they became such a major force that the music industry had to listen and Apple didn't like the extra work DRM made (people locked out, etcetera).

The other factor is that music was easy to read and throw contents on the web. People don't feel compelled to do the same as far as scanning books is concerned, just a lot more work. With college students and textbooks, this really surprises me tbh. But I suspect the DRM format is going to be bypassed and people will throw books up that way.

So, as always, legitimate customers will be punished by encumberances that pirates don't feel.

But I feel the same freedom is coming to books eventually. There are enough free PDFs floating around for me to read... but I'm not going to buy DRMed books.... I want access forever regardless of device.

I just hope it's sooner (< 5 years) rather than later.
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