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plucker slowdown ? [solved]

this is my first post, hello forum people!!

the title says it: my plucker slows down
until yesterday plucker behaved like everytime

but now, when browsing a text (any text, regardless of size),
plucker takes about a second to show a new line!
( ca 15 lines for one page = 15sec for one page)
auto-scroll is even more hyper-slow
i tried to removing the sdcard, which housed all! my plucked texts and tested with texts only in ram, but no help
i tried a hard reset and hotsynced everything(last hotsync yesterday morning, where it still worked) back , still no luck
strange, though is that the other software doesnt slow down, pics etc load in reasonable speed from sdcard
anyone knows what to do ?
because in this speed plucker is useless

ps: until i got this error, i used plucker 1.2, after the error i upgraded to 1.8, but it didnt get any better

pps: (i just noticed, that when i turn my tungsten w on, it takes him some more time(about a half-second) to turn the backlight on, which happened before instantly with turning it on)
<----that happens only in the cradle


it was so slow, because i had the symantec antivirus for palm installed with on the fly protection, which slowed the reading of plucker pdbs down

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