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@kartu: I had a little time to test something today and I'm embarrassed to say I told you something which was wrong. You cannot reliably get data from /dev/ttymxc1 while tinyhttp has it open, I tested the wrong scenario. However, you can stop tinyhttp and then resume it when you're done with /dev/ttymxc1. I've just tested that and it works. Stopping:
kill -STOP 447
kill -CONT 447
(where 447 is the PID you want to stop/restart).
Sorry for any confusion caused.

@igorsk: thanks for that. From what I can see there is some kind of an array and every time an extension gets loaded it adds some pointers to functions to that array in FskLoad. Then the Fsk system just assumes symbols are in a certain order. I can't say I'm a fan of it... from what kartu and yourself are saying, it seems like an enormous amount of work to figure out, for example, how to add a C function to the Fsk javascript interface.
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