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Originally Posted by WillAdams View Post
Depends on your needs --- you might be able to do this w/ a Sony PRS-600/900 --- I'm trying to do this, but I often find myself reaching for my Tablet PC instead.

I had a Tablet PC, an HP tx1000, which like most of the tx1000s overheated to death a month after the warranty expired. I disliked the weight and the excessive heat. I got used to the resistive touchscreen but it was impossible to write small (I had to zoom about 50% in and then zoom out to get the effect of writting something with a regular size). I'm thinking of either getting an ebook reader or an Asus T91 to replace it.

So William, I'd like to know how your experience with the PRS-600 is.
Do you have to press hard for the ink to register?
Can you write small stuff, say, like you'd normally write on a paper notebook?
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