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Using the PockeBook SDK (15.1)

Hello all. I downloaded the SDK while waiting for my PocketBook 302 to arrive. It looked like the 15.1 version is for the 302 and the 14.2 version is for the 301. Since the web page is not english I am not sure, but it seemed reasonable. I imagine PB developers feel nervous about finding info on web sites written in english, but they manage.

I learned a few things about setting the SDK up in a 64 bit Win7 system and thought others might be interested. Eventually, it all works.

I got it here: http://pocketbook-free.sourceforge.n...pbsdk-15.1.exe

The web page is not english (Ukrainian?) but the file name is obvious. Click on the link to request the download.

Running this file looks scary because there are lots of question marks (unsupported font?) on the installer dialog box, but clicking where the install button should be results in a clean install on Win 7. Look at another install dialog to find the right button to click if you don't feel lucky; bottom left button is where to click if you feel lucky. The default install location is c:\pdsdk, which is a good place to put it.

The SDK appears to be 32 bit code. If you are running a 64 bit windows version there will be a few problems. These can be fixed by changing the installation file (c:\pbsdk\install.bat). My changes are not elegant, but they work. They can be cleaned up later.

The first thing is to change is where the cygpb1.dll library is copied. In 64 bit windows all 32 bit library code goes to %WINDIR%\SysWOW64. Yeah, it looks funky but that is how it works. In 64 bit Windows all 64 bit library code goes to System32 and all 32 bit library code goes to SysWOW64, which *may* make sense to Microsoft.

The second thing is to replace every occurrence of %CD% with "c:\pbsdk" (don't include the quotes). If you just run the original install.bat script as admin the value of %CD% resolves to the wrong location. This is why you get lots of warnings and errors when building an application with the SDK.

After doing these steps, I went to sources\inkdemo and got an app build for the windows emulator by clicking on make.bat. Doubling clicking the inkdemo.exe file successfully runs the inkdemo app.

I assume you get an ARM build by clicking on makearm.bat, but am waiting for my 302 before exploring this.

The build script and exe file did not work before I fixed the install.bat file.

Now, to figure out what you can do with the SDK...
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