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Completely NEW duokan's firmware for Kindle 2 & DX (Chinese interface only)

Everyone here is talking about the 2.5 firmware.
While I've been frustrated with the failure to download the .bin file to upgrade my device, a post in HI-PDA really surprises me:-
(Hint: Google Translate is your friend )

The firmwares of Kindle 2 (both Int'l & US) have been completely re-written by a team called "duokan".

I don't have a Kindle 2, so I'm not sure how well it works. (Maybe you can give some feedbacks after you try it.)

Here are some key features that draw my attention:-

- supports TXT, EPUB, PDF only (i.e., no mobi/azw, and no DRMed files I guess)
- TTS in English, Mandarin and Cantonese
- dictionaries are still there, of course!
- TXT & EPUB files: similar to the functionality of TXT & MOBI files in the official firmwire. For TXT, you can switch between several pre-installed fonts instantly.
- PDF: optional blackening of fonts (?), support TOC, text reflow, zooming, cutting white edges, note taking, bookmarking and highlighting, ALSO specialized feature to read two-column PDF!
- option to switch between 2 firmwires, switching back to official firmwire would be extremely easy!

- interface in Simplified Chinese ONLY

I don't like the Simplified Chinese interface. I prefer either Traditional Chinese or English. But I'm still very eager to wait for a KDX release from duokan. Hope it won't takes too long!

The blackening of fonts is extremely interesting. Some fonts are not 100% black. So they appear grayish in Kindle. Seems that this firmware has find a way to the problem.

I think Amazon really hasn't done well enough in their firmware. The PDF support, which I need most, is barely minimal in the Amazon's firmware. If enthusiasts like duokan can write such an excellent firmware, why couldn't Amazon?

Perhaps Amazon doesn't care PDF at all! All they want is to sell more DRMed AZWs through their website.

Download link for duokan's firmware (May 8 release)

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