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Originally Posted by Clytie View Post
Hmm... a bit puzzled here. Using Inkmesh, I looked up the first book of a series of which I have volumes 2-4 (I hadn't previously seen it available in ebook), so it's not a recent book. Inkmesh gave me a list of retailers who had the ebook, with Amazon at the top at $6.39 (~ AUD $7.20).

However, Amazon shows a price of $8.29. Is this disparity the cost of getting the ebook "wirelessly delivered to your Kindle", which in my case would be an app on my Mac or iPhone?
Yes, Amazon add $2 to the price for everyone outside the US to cover the cost of the Kindle's 3G data connection, even if you don't download the book that way.

Note though that if you're a US customer in Australia you don't pay the extra $2 and they don't charge wireless fees to download your books.

I'm hoping that agency pricing will drive them to change this - if Amazon can't discount, then they won't want to be $2 more expensive than everywhere else.
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