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Question how to get page breaks before and after images (using epubs In & Out)

(I am a newbie when it comes to ebooks, but I've researched a lot about it & have some understanding) I recently purchased a Sony Reader - Pocket Ed for my kids with the plan of using many of the public domain grade school readers. All of the lower ones include many great illustrations. I have Calibre for converting & management, Amaya for code editing, and eCub to 'build' my own books.

I would like to format an epub file with page breaks before and after the illustrations, so that the images are displayed by themselves, without text. I read a thread about page breaks on this forum that told how to use <hr> or </div> as page breaks. My problem is that I'm getting code errors when I try that (I'm using Amaya to edit code). I'm guessing it's because the page break is within a div structure? If so, does that mean I will have to copy the opening div statements so that I can 'close' a div before the image than 'open' it after? I(I hope that made sense, I have done a little programming years ago but only very basic HTML, no CSS experience yet)

Don't suppose Calibre has some sort of option for page breaks before & after images? (If there is one I didn't see it)

For example, here is where you can download the Beacon Second Reader as EPUB, and you can see what I mean.

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