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Hi Florian!

I could show you an iLiad in Bonn. There are no salespoints in germany as of now, where you could have a look. There might be another iLiad user in your neighbourhood from this forum though.

How good is note taking ? Does it feel responsive enough ?
Note taking is good. The strookes lag behind a bit, but it is comfortable to use. With the calibration tool on the next firmware release, it should be quiteaccurate aswell. (mine is a bit off at the moment, but very well useable.)
Can I zoom in and out while taking notes ?
Yes and no.
If you scribble on images, then you cannot zoom at all. The standard image viewer does not support this yet.
On PDF you can scribble and zoom in and out. Zooming is not totally free. You cannot zoom in indefinately.

Can I draw small mindmaps with it ?
Yes. But you should use a PDF canvas for that. No free canvas application is available yet.

How good does it sync the notes back ( Whats the format and is it usable or are my notes stuck in file format oblivion ? )
As mentioned before, it uses an XML file to store the notes. MyScript can convert those notes to text with handwriting recognition on the PC. Or you can use the saved image file.
The iRex Companion Software allows to merge PDF files with the added scribbles into one PDF file.

Anybody tried to work with Evernote and an iliad ?
No. But the image files could be used with it. I do not know, if it will be able to handle the XML files.

How is the battery life, I'm a bit confused after reading every possible time span ( 5 hours - 10 hours ? ) ?
5 hours is a bit low and was mostly a result in a permanently active WLAN. You should get about 10 hours out of the iLiad with normal usage. Lots of scribbling uses some battery. I have used the enhanced community ipdf and have gooten as much as 15 hours of use out of it. But about 10 hours should be in there.

How easy does the display break ( a lot of confusinf opninions about that one ) ?
The screen has a glass based cover and breaks easily if pinpoint force is applied. Ellbow on the screen will usually be deadly. You should protect it when carrying it around. I have not been informed about a change in the packaging yet, so as far as i know, there is no protective cover included with the iLiad.

Is there a function to lock the hardware buttons so I can drop it into a bag running and could use it as a shopping list without having to boot.
Yes, a software button does exactly that.

Is there anbody in germany who could show me a real iliad ( Munich, Nurnberg, Berlin ? ) ?
As i said. If you are in Bonn, feel free to visit me and have a look. You should make an appointment though

Best regards,
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