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Interesting that you didn't care for the Mogul. I went to a sprint store and found that it was comfortable in my hand. Combine that with the fact that the SERO offer means 500 minutes + all the data you could want for $30 per month means I'm seriously leaning towards it.

Right now I am not too concerned about porting my ebooks. I have multiple versions of my favorite books on both .pdb and .lit, so I am set there. I live 6 months in an area that gets really horrible cell phone service and 6 months in a major metropolitan area, so cell coverage is pretty constant - it either sucks all the time or 5 bars. I never really bought that many apps for my Palm, so going to a PocketPC doesn't bug me too much.

I haven't made the jump yet, but I'm feeling the itch. Thank you for the line on the sprint SERO offer. I'm going to seriously investigate it before I jump. I just got to look at my first Mogul yesterday and the screen looks pretty clear. Not really Iphone quality, but it does cost $200 less and it seemed pretty responsive.
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