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Originally Posted by Mobert View Post
I had problems at first also but I got it working following the instructions EXACTLY. Mine also sometimes goes to sleep and stops working but using the manual buttons usually starts it again but sometimes I have to repeat the following steps

(3) Select menu item '180+FAST prev/next page (again)
use the manual page turn for initial page turn.

It is a little quirky but when it is working, it is a great option.
I've just recalibrated, so I'll give it another go tonight.

So far, my problem has been that it goes to sleep straight away, as in I can't even use it for a couple of minutes. I can move forward or back with my buttons, but that doesn't start the flip up again.

Does anyone know of a video that displays this? Maybe I've doing something wrong, even though I follow those instructions exactly.

It's not a big deal if I don't get it working, seriously, it's just a really cool option to have.
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