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Originally Posted by orwell2k View Post
This is what works for me:

(1) Open FBReader Config Menu (with book open, bottom right corner of pop-up menu dialog)
(2) Go to 'Rotate' and press 'OK'
(3) Select menu item '180+FAST prev/next page'
(4) Go to 'Page turn angle' and select your preference (I choose 20)
(5) Exit Config menu ('back' button to return to book)
(6) Open FBReader menu and choose rotation settings (centre right of pop-up menu dialog)
(7) Press 'OK' - this will choose the centre 'ring' meaning the gyro sensing will be accepted.
(8) Wait until the book 'repaginates' - the status bar will show no page numbering and a book symbol with 3 dots (...) in the lower left corner - once done, the page numbering and % read bar will re-appear.
(9) Rotate the book and the pages should turn!

* To get it going, you may need to do an initial page turn with the buttons, then it should pick up your wrist turns - I don't always need this when I follow the above sequence.

** The app does have a habit of going to sleep after a while, requiring a further use of a button page turn to kick it off again. Also, I have an auto-keypad-lock time set, so after not using buttons for a while my keypad locks on me!... annoyinf but not life-threatening!...

Experiment a little with comfortable positions for holding the book, sensitivity of the turn angle, etc. to suit your needs. Apparently you can set a high turn angle to allow holding the book 'sideways' whilst lying on your side to read (see somewhere above) - I haven't tried this yet but intend to!
Thanks for all that, I was really hoping it would work. I still cannot consistently get it working (even if I rotate my reader 360 degrees physically). Every now and then I can get it to turn to previous pages, but rarely can I get it to go forward. It always seems to get stuck on the page I'm up to.

I have my clock set to update all the time, is there any chance that could be affecting it? That's the only main setting I've changed that I can of that might make a difference.
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