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Mine lasted about 600-700 pages as well

Originally Posted by somecanuck View Post
The battery in my brother's Kobo died after around 700-800 page flips. It has been fully charged (I left it plugged in for a good 6 hours). He's going to return the device now.

I imagine loading up new books, flipping through PDFs, and any other CPU-intensive task takes up more juice than just flipping pages. But should it really have drained this quickly?
Well, I am not sure it is an issue yet - but the initial charge on my unit only lasted 600 or 700 pages before it died. Now, I know the initial charge is not always the best gauge, so I am going to try a few more cycles to see if this is an issue or not. However, I am wondering if it has anything to do with the fact I had an SD card in the unit.

When I was first using the unit, I did not have a card in, and the battery meter did not move, but after putting a card in the battery drained almost overnight. Plus - once I removed the card, another issue I was having with cover art not displaying (for books I loaded via Calibre or ADE) when the unit was powered off went away.

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