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Originally Posted by Laurentiu View Post
Yes. But for that you would have to remove the DRM.
I was afraid of that.

Originally Posted by sony_fox View Post
For DRM'd books I tend to edit the book's metadata in the Calibre/device window.

SO allow SonyLibrary *spit* to add the book to your device. Then close SL. Open calibre. It should see the devive. If you click on it you'll see all the books on your reader (not your library). You can then edit normally.

It's worked for so far with ADE stuff. I'm non-US so can't use the Sony store fortunetly.
That doesn't work, as far as getting them in correct collections. I can change the title & author, but I can't add the series/collection information, unfortunately.

Originally Posted by dsvick View Post
Hi Angie

Laurentiu is right, in order to do much with it in Calibre besides simple organization you would need to remove the DRM from it. With that being said though as far as I know the only way to get books to remain in a certain order is to use the Sony software. Once you put them in a collection in the software you can load them to your reader and they'll show up in order in the collection.
Thanks for the info. At this point, I can't see me switching over to the Sony Library as my primary organizer. This is the first time I've used it (I had a gift cert to the Sony ebook store), and it's slow and cumbersome and I just don't like it nearly as much as I love Calibre. I guess I'll just have to overcome my OCD enough to live with a book or two out of order *shudder* LOL

Originally Posted by MSJim View Post
I do not use Sony Library for anything. Editing metadata in Calibre allows one to specify a series name, and the number of the book in that series. Calibre then displays the books in that order.
When transferring the books to the reader, the books initially appear in a collection with that same order, if sort by order is selected on the reader. However, I've found that if I have transferred an incomplete series, missing a book, then add try to add it later, say number 3 from a group of five, it appears at the end of the list on the reader. So it seems like the reader actually displays the books in the order they were loaded, instead of the order of the series.
In the example I cited, in order to get the books in the actual series order on the reader, I delete the whole series of books from the reader, and then reload all, including book 3, from Calibre again. It's a hassle, and shouldn't be necessary, but it doesn't take long, and is the only way I've found to reorder the books on my reader when I've added an intermediary series book.
I keep all the books on my reader in collections. Even books that aren't part of a series, I have in a collection together. I prefer to browse for books that way, rather than by author or title.

I appreciate all the input/insight, guys! Thank you!
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