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Originally Posted by darkadept View Post
Ok I set up a project on launchpad and created a team. It's my first launchpad project so if I configured something not your liking let me know.

Project is found here:
Team is found here:

My next question is what do people want/need? Some of the things I have thought of is:
  • the ability able to sync between the desktop application and the eReader
  • the ability to change infos such as read status, etc.
  • the ability to remove books from the device/application.
  • ??
+ Properly edit ePub metainfo (title & author).

+ Maintain a master copy of the SQLite database on the user's hard disk, so all changes (books/documents added/removed/edited) are made into that first and then sent to the Kobo device's copy of the database (or maybe it's done simultaneously).

+ Wish list: if only there were some way to prevent the device from locking and updating its database on disconnect--seems like bad design. Maybe that'll change if smarter software comes along to manage the DB while it is connected.

Originally Posted by darkadept View Post
I don't really intend to create a Calibre clone or to completely replace the Kobo desktop software.

any ideas?
Sounds good. Calibre has a bit of a busy interface and a built-in ebook viewer. I don't think we need that. I do think we can do better than the Kobo desktop software when it comes to ease of use in managing books & documents. E.g., I still haven't been able to get the desktop software to show me all the books and documents I've loaded into my reader.

Design-wise, the simplest thing I can think of is a list-detail view where the list of books/documents is on top and the detail (a data entry form) is at the bottom. Is anything else needed? I doubt it....

Thanks for setting up. I'm joining right now.
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