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lchen began at the beginning.
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Wow, you're correct, thanks for sharing your thoughts out loud .

I've a PDF that has links in it (ie. Table of contents with PDF links) and it does work like the EPUB sections. So only PDFs that do not have Linked Table of Contents will require the more manual page turns (I'm still requesting a Jump To option in the next firmware release) (for the txts, i used to convert them to pdf but didn't put any links in them).

I've not tried loading French Language books, but support for alternative fonts (ie. Cyrillic, Asian, Coptic, Greek, Arabic font sets) would be amazing in the next firmware. All the special characters display perfectly in PDFs (I've seen pdfs using Coptic, Greek and Arabic).

Also agree that the firmware changes should be quick (keep up the amazing work Kobo eReader dev teams!! All the Canadian users are looking forward to the development of this product).
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