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Originally Posted by SensualPoet View Post
Five years for an e-reader? I'd be satisfied with two and delighted with three.

I also like Ficbot's "Total Ownership Cost" because it does help put in perspective the tradeoffs we can make in our discretionary "entertainment" spend.

I've only had a Kindle for six months, bought relatively few books, and consumed a few dozen. Currently my TOC would be around $15 per book read.

On the other hand, an HDTV plus 40 or 50 Blu-ray discs ... ouch. I'd hate to calculate that TOC! Oh, and if you factor in the cost of cable and HBO ...
Yep, I do see your point. For past costs, TOC makes some sense. But, for a realistic assessment of ongoing cost, have always used estimated amortization cost. Seems more realistic, even though one can only use a guesstimate for amortized cost.

I guesstimated five years because I have three eBookwise 1150's (belonging to self, wife and daughter) that have been around for at least five years each. But, even using an amortized cost based on two-and-a-half years for each ereader, still figure save $0.50 on each ebook over cost of paperback, more for hardcover. Still feel ereader is cheaper by a significant amount than hard-copy books and will pay for itself over it's lifetime. Which is the main point I was trying to make.

As far as DVD's, cable, HBO, and DVD players -- I'm afraid to figure my cost. It's kinda like owning a car -- almost a monopoly, you just GOTTA have it.

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