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Originally Posted by Darch View Post
Hello Everyone,

Thanks for all of the info about the nook. I have a question that I think is a bit different from the above. I will be moving to Africa for a year and I'm looking to buy a nook in the US before I leave. If I do so and I take the nook to Africa, can I have someone buy a book from B&N from the US on my account and then download it to my nook using the usb cable? I don't know how great wifi will be over there so I'm trying to come up with other solutions.
You don't necessarily have to be in the US to buy books from B&N. If you have a working computer with Internet access, get alwaysVPN or Hotspot Shield, get behind them and use any credit card with a US address and then load the purchased book via the USB cable.

To answer you straight, if you have a computer with Internet and the cable, yes, you can.
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