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My Name is David Ellis and I’m a Read-a-holic…

I used to hate reading, I know I know, how sad right? But it was all the time spent trying to find a GOOD book, and then spending two hours in the book store trying to read enough into the book to make sure I wasn’t going to throw it out of a window in a fit of rage at the utter stupidity of said writer or any of hundreds of other reasons.

I heard about E-books a long time ago but it never really ‘spoke’ to me till I started finding them on torrent sites. Yes I know, illegal downloading or whatever else, I use the same logic as…I never would have bought it, I would have taken my friends/family members etc book because I refuse to spend $10-20+ on a book that most likely will just annoy me. If I find a good enough book, I buy it for the bookshelf so others can read it too and support the author for writing something I enjoyed.

That being said, I download e-books in PDF format using different programs depending if I’m booting into Ubuntu or Vista or XP or OSX – but I have a reading list right now of roughly 500ish books…not all of them will I even go past 5 chapters on because it’ll end up being useless, but I at least need to browse through and give the books a chance since it seems to be my only saving grace while away from my computer.

Being that everything I use now, as well as in the foreseeable future is either PDF, Word type Documents or text files – I want a good battery life to be able to read for a couple hours without charging – 4hours would be pretty awesome but above that it’ll be a bonus but most likely not needed for my travel purposes. I do not plan on buying any books from an online store; I like my downloading and for owning it id rather have something I can give out to friends that don’t like using the computer to read etc. I want a good screen size that my eyes don’t have to strain to see, bigger the better usually but obviously when its not a choice its out of the picture and no reason to fuss over it. Are there any suggestions or points people can bring up to help me make a decision to put my reading on the road?

Thank you to everyone who is going to, or has, read this lengthy/wordy post and also thank you to whoever is making this forum possible as it is and has been already incredibly helpful!

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