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Cool ADB cannot connect to Nook with softroot 1.3?

Hi, folks.

Being a noob here, I may very well be asking a question that's already been discussed here. If so, I apologize.

I've had my Nook for about two weeks, and just successfully installed softroot 1.3. However, I can't get ADB to connect to it. I've verified that my Nook is connected to wi-fi, verified the IP address... "adb connect NOOK_IP:5555" yields the error message, "unable to connect to NOOK_IP:5555".

I'm looking into the possibility that my wireless router is preventing my computer from talking to the Nook over my WLAN... but am wondering if I'm missing something. Is there a way to work around this with USB?

And in any case... I'm really enjoying my Nook, I'm grateful to the folks who developed it as well as those at NookDevs who developed the softroot, and I'm glad there's so much good info here. Thanks!
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