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Saving to disk, Calibre, epub & covers


I've imported and converted numerous books with Calibre and have been really pleased. I've done a lot of updating of the book covers and everything looks great.

However, I'm trying to get these over to my phone and it isn't going so well. First of all, when I tried to save to disk (the SD card) I ended up with only the cover.jpg and metadata files. Then I unchecked the "save cover separately" and "save metadata in OPF file" and I ended up with valid epub files that wouldn't crash my ebook reader but with no covers at all. I'm wondering what to do or what I'm doing wrong. Is there a way to "embed" the covers into the epub file? If so, I'd really appreciate any info on how to fix this.

I tried to install the ebook reader on my Android device that works and syncs with Calibre but it didn't work on my device at all. So, I've been simply trying to copy the epub files over to the sd card and importing them into the ebook reader. If there's a better way to do this, please let me know.

Also, I'm using the default ebook profile.

Thanks in advance!
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