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Originally Posted by GSteer View Post
EDIT: Having said that I'm wondering if the grey page/white edge is better for less eyestraing vs grey page/black edge? Thoughts?
I don't think it matters -- just take frequent breaks from reading, you'll be fine. For reference:

"[...] reducing eye fatigue is less a matter of choosing a specific display than of taking short breaks from looking at the screen. [...] When we read, a series of ocular muscles jump around and can cause strain, regardless of whether we are looking at pixels or paper. While you’re reading, your eyes make about 10,000 movements an hour. It’s important to take a step back every 20 minutes and let your eyes rest."

“The new LCDs don’t affect your eyes,” Mr. Taussig said. “Today’s screens update every eight milliseconds, whereas the human eye is moving at a speed between 10 and 30 milliseconds.”
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