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Thoughts and Text Justifcation (epubs)


So picked up a Kobo reader yesterday, took it back this morning is the darn thing rattled, yip, move it slightly and you could hear the internal pcb/battery knocking on the casing.

Anyway, swapped it out today for one that doesn't, my first must have been a friday afternoon job where they'd run out of rubber/foam inserts.

Couple of points that are bugging me that are tempting me to return it

1) PDF handling - lets face it without reflow it's terrible having to scale/scroll. I can face converting my pdf's to epubs if needed though until they fix it via a firmware update (if they do). Any comments JCKobo?

2) Text justification in epubs - does anyone know if editing the css file will allow full justifcation left/right or am I stuck with only left justification? It's kinda weird reading like that.

EDIT: Just reconverted Halh - Spacejock from it's RTF source in Calibre, this time forcing the justifcation (great thing that I can read manuals eh [doh]) and the outputted epub is now justified correctly, yay - looks like I might need to run things through Calibre if they're not already set like that.

3) Hate the big blue button though, almost worth returning it and waiting for the black version or skining it when available. Thought I could ignore it but maybe I can't, this is probably personal to everyone though.

EDIT: Having said that I'm wondering if the grey page/white edge is better for less eyestraing vs grey page/black edge? Thoughts?

Otherwise nice and light, good to read with different font/sizes,

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